MariaDB 10.3 Upgrade WHM Cpanel

I’ve been getting the nagging last few weeks by WHM/Cpanel to upgrade from MySQL 5.6 to 5.7. WHM Recommends upgrading to MariaDB 10.3. Just to be safe I stuck with MySQL. Both upgrades give a critical warning that the new versions will default to strict mode meaning it will break any INSERT or UPDATE statements that no field values. I found this to be true but simply adding SQL_MODE= to the my.cnf file and rebooting MySQL quickly fixes the issue.

I see that SuiteCRM Compatibility currently shows MariaDB 10.2 but not 10.3.

(a) Can anyone confirm there are no compatibility issues running MariaDB 10.3?

(b) How significant of a benefit is it to run MariaDB instead of MySQL?

Hi. I don’t have any feedback from Maria 10.3 yet.

I know the SalesAgility team uses MariaDB all the time, not MySQL. So I think there is some advantage, though I never heard anybody say it was drastically better. I believe both work just fine.