Margin account

Hi, I have a project installed with the following features

CRM Suite version 7.2.1
Sugar CRM version 6.5.20

And my client wants to be able to apply a margin per client, in addition to specific products (this is already being done at present). My question is: can a margin per customer be applied to all the products of this client?

Thanks in advance and greetings

This made me cringe :ohmy: . That is like 100 releases ago!

@mattlorimer mattlorimer released this on Mar 11, 2015 · 10863 commits to master since this release

That is full of security holes, plus it’s likely you’re using a really old PHP also, with tons of other security holes…

You really need to convince your client to upgrade, if he values his customer’s and his own data…

About your question, please be specific about which module you mean, and which screen, and what is this margin? Is it a discount on a product price?

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Yes, the problem is that the client does not currently have time and, therefore, also money, to invest in that update. And also, these functionalities we need to assess if they are new or in any way could be done in the existing CRM Suite. And I come from Sugar CRM and CRM Suite has more things than I think, and I can not distinguish what is specific to CRM Suite and what is customized.

In any case, what they want is to be able to establish a margin per product for each client, at this moment the margin is being established for each product but it is the same for all customers. In accounts I see an option of Margin Account and another of Margin Product, that I do not know if it could be used for this purpose.

I don’t know much about these modules, sorry. I see discount fields on Quotes and on Products, I guess you can make different things with those. But I think this is just a matter of trying things out - either the fields are there or not. You can also try adding them from Studio but you will probably need some extra custom code to make these values go into the calculations for total price.

Indeed, seeing the code of this part I am afraid that if it is personalized and enough. Thanks anyway and greetings.