Maps module: hide export buttons

SuiteCRM version: 7.14.3

Good morning,

We have successfully set up Google Maps geocoding in SuiteCRM.

However, the buttons to export in CSV, PDF, XML, or copy to clipboard are not working. This seems related to Flash Player being deprecated as the buttons seem to rely on .swf scripts. Rather than opening that can of worms, we would much rather hide the inactive buttons, but despite our best efforts the buttons seem unaffected by changes in the theme’s style.css.

The css for that datatable seems to rely on Data Table Table Tools, but we couldn’t find the definition for those buttons anywhere in the source files.

Is there a way to hide those buttons?

You should look for tpl files with those screen definitions.

If you post more precise information I might be able to help further - for example a screenshot of the screen where the buttons appear so I can go search for exact strings

Here is a screenshot of the screen in question: it’s the displayview of the Maps module. The buttons we’d like to hide are on the right of the search bar.

So, could we display our all accounts on these maps?

Sorry for the delay answering

Those definitions seem to be in this file

maybe with that clue you can work something out…

I believe we should fix the .swf scripts, maybe it isn’t that hard. If you don’t want to invest time on that, could you at least open an issue for this on Github, please? Thanks

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For the time being we copied over the file in /custom and removed the definition of the buttons, which succeeded in hiding them.

Opened issue #10420

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