Map Query Not working

I have one installation where the quick radius map and list map are not working.

The API is good because it plots the address I put in and the test is sucessful

Also, all addresses are geocoded.

However, when I run a list or a map no accounts are selected and I get a query error. I can’t paste it in here, because it thinks they are links and won’t save.

I’m on 7.8.12 LTS and I have this feature working on other installations. I’m puzzled? Anyone can point me in the right direction?

I suppose you can paste it inside the forum’s “code” tags, there’s a button on the toolbar to make it easier. Anyway, I often post links and they are allowed…

Is that query error you mention on-screen? Do you get any further errors in your logs?

Here’s the error I’m getting.
Sun Jan 28 13:16:38 2018 [16126][1][FATAL] Query Failed:

SELECT (SQRT((69.1*((accounts_cstm.jjwg_maps_lat_c)-()))(69.1((accounts_cstm.jjwg_maps_lat_c)-()))+(53.0*((accounts_cstm.jjwg_maps_lng_c)-()) * COS(()/57.1))(53.0((accounts_cstm.jjwg_maps_lng_c)-()) * COS(()/57.1)))) AS display_object_distance, accounts.* ,accounts_cstm.trucom_c,accounts_cstm.status_c,accounts_cstm.size_of_company_c,accounts_cstm.shipping_requirements_c,accounts_cstm.chemical_c,accounts_cstm.user_id_c , jt0.user_name modified_by_name , jt0.created_by modified_by_name_owner , ‘Users’ modified_by_name_mod , jt1.user_name created_by_name , jt1.created_by created_by_name_owner , ‘Users’ created_by_name_mod , jt2.user_name assigned_user_name , jt2.created_by assigned_user_name_owner , ‘Users’ assigned_user_name_mod , parent_name , jt3.assigned_user_id parent_name_owner , ‘Accounts’ parent_name_mod , campaign_name , jt4.assigned_user_id campaign_name_owner , ‘Campaigns’ campaign_name_mod, LTRIM(RTRIM(CONCAT(IFNULL(jt5.first_name,’’),’ ‘,IFNULL(jt5.last_name,’’)))) servman_c FROM accounts LEFT JOIN accounts_cstm ON = accounts_cstm.id_c LEFT JOIN users jt0 ON AND jt0.deleted=0

AND jt0.deleted=0 LEFT JOIN users jt1 ON AND jt1.deleted=0

AND jt1.deleted=0 LEFT JOIN users jt2 ON AND jt2.deleted=0

AND jt2.deleted=0 LEFT JOIN accounts jt3 ON AND jt3.deleted=0

AND jt3.deleted=0 LEFT JOIN campaigns jt4 ON AND jt4.deleted=0

AND jt4.deleted=0 LEFT JOIN users jt5 ON accounts_cstm.user_id_c = AND jt5.deleted=0 where ((accounts_cstm.jjwg_maps_lat_c != 0 OR accounts_cstm.jjwg_maps_lng_c != 0) AND (accounts_cstm.jjwg_maps_geocode_status_c = ‘OK’) AND (SQRT((69.1*((accounts_cstm.jjwg_maps_lat_c)-()))(69.1((accounts_cstm.jjwg_maps_lat_c)-()))+(53.0*((accounts_cstm.jjwg_maps_lng_c)-()) * COS(()/57.1))(53.0((accounts_cstm.jjwg_maps_lng_c)-()) * COS(()/57.1))) < 150.0000)) AND accounts.deleted=0 LIMIT 0,1000: MySQL error 1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘)))(69.1((accounts_cstm.jjwg_maps_lat_c)-()))+(53.0*((accounts_cstm.jjwg_maps_’ at line 1

Sorry had to do it in two posts, I couldn’t submit it in one.

I have another installation generating the same kind of error, however, it works in the other installation. So I’m not sure that’s what’s causing this particular problem.

Hi. You could paste it inside the forum’s code tags, as I suggested above:

That query has empty parenthesis which are coming from these lines of code:

Those variables seem to be empty, when they shouldn’t. Your map needs a “center” but doesn’t have one. I don’t know what this means, I’m just observing from a quick view at the code.

I would look for an eariler problem, an error just before that one (even if it looks less serious). For some reason the data the map needs isn’t ready when it gets to that point in the code…

Good luck