many 2 many empty subpanels

Hi. I’m new here and sorry if that topic was already but i can’t find it.

I’v made relation (many to many for subpanels in both panels) between products and accounts. After import data to products, there is empty subpanel when i visiting an account (when visiting product there is the same ). If i do it by hand (adding account to product by open list) it is showing normally, but after import unfortunatly not working. Am i doing something wrong ?

Thanks for eny help.

I think the problem is that there is already a relationship between Accounts and products. So when you create a second, different relationship, things get confusing for you. Probably the subpanel that works is the one with the original relationship, while the one that doesn’t is the one you created (and maybe you did something wrong there, or maybe SuiteCRM can’t handle the duplication of the relationship very well).

Why not use the original relationship, which I believe is one-to-many? Why do you need to be many-to-many?

thanks for answer,

i started with oryginal set, but didn’t work. Meaby i’m doing something wrong or something not working in the system. I’v got other situation like this but with the custom module. There are a relation between and the panel is showing up but without data inside, it just empty.

Ok, so on a clean system without any extra relationship, try to do what you need with the original relationship, and if it “doesn’t work” tell me what happens and how I can reproduce that behaviour.

Then I can tell if it is a problem in the system or just something you need to learn how to do.

sorry for long time answer.
I check on the other new system (default) and didn’t find any relationship between products and accounts.

And the problem for me is that i have almost only services (Internet for bussiness) and one service is assign for one account becouse it has the same name of the service but different price. I hope it help little bit.


Have you looked into using Product Categories to differentiate the two different things?