Manually delete field cant remove from cache file

Hi, i am using git and when i revert commit i have issue with custom field

i created custom field in Accounts with name abcd_c which is also in database under accounts_cstm->abcd_c

Now that fun begin.

When i revert commit… i dont see any changes in my instace…
i have cache folder in gitignore.
But if i Repair&Rebuild by Admin area… .i still see this filed in cache/modules/Accounts/Accountvardefs.php and also in Studio->Accounts->Fields

I tried delete this file, and search if anywhere in whole project but cant find from where is creating again in cache this abcd_c field if nowhere is any string of this filed in whole project.

I tried delete abcd_c column from database but after Repair&Rebuild i got issue that this filed missing. I checked all custom folders and by git diff i cant find how delete this field from cache.

Only what is working is delete this field from Studio->Accounts->Fields… but this is not solution when i revert commints, because i code i dont see this files for custom field but still come back to cache and in studio i see this filed there.

Thanks for help.

The fields create via studio are stored in database in the fields_meta_data table.
So if you want to create fields (that go to production via git commits) you will have to create them using the extension framework