Manual testing and installation?

I’ve downloaded the code for Outlook plugin 2RC, and am trying to debug the “Unexpected character…” problems we are having.

We don’t have Installshield on our machines, which makes it hard for me to make changes to the code and then do a reinstallation to test the changes. So what steps (with details, please) do I need to follow to manually install the Client and the Addin?

Better yet, are there any unit tests I can run from within Visual Studio 2015 to test with? And how would I go about this?

I’m sorry if I appear to be totally clueless (because I am - grin). I’m just trying to track down the issue, fix it and rebuild to get the pluging WORKING.


Bear with us. RC2 is still pretty buggy. We’re working on the next release and expect to have that available in the next few weeks.

If there is anyone out there with experience of writing Outlook extensions who’d like to step forward with assistance, we’d be delighted to hear from you.