Manual importing accounts


I’ve make a manual import on the database. All it’s working OK, but, i have a general question if someone have extensive known about MSSQL.

I have some emails with multiple emails on the same field, aka, email1,email2. How can i make a query for creating each email separated, and, the pertinent relations on email_addr_bean_rel? I cannot do it manually because there are more than 3000 emails. Also, i cannot assume the field have only two emails, because i have some with more than two, but i can limit the query form fields with two, three, etc…

I’m sorry if this isn’t an adequated site for posting this, but, i doesn’t have sufficient SQL know for doing by me.


Hi Maqui,

You would need to write a script to automate this process in MSSQL, but that’s not something we would be able to do for you unfortunately!