Mandatory related field


I have a module “vkr_results_ol” and two related fields in it “vkr_results_ol_contacts_1” and “meetings_vkr_results_ol_1”. These fields were created dynamically when i made a relationships one-to-many with 2 other modules. And i want these fields to be mandatory when i create my module “vkr_results_ol” object. I created php file in …Extension/modules/vkr_results_ol/Ext/Vardefs contained with:

$dictionary['vkr_results_ol']['fields']['vkr_results_ol_contacts_1']['required'] = true;
$dictionary['vkr_results_ol']['fields']['meetings_vkr_results_ol_1']['required'] = true;

Then i save it and did Quick Repair , but nothing changed…the object is stil can be created with empty fields. What can be a reason?