Managing client projects and reporting on profitablity

We are in the process of upgrading from Sugar to SuiteCRM and loving what we see so far. We are a web design agency, building and maintaining websites for clients.

We currently use the CRM for managing customer info (opportunities, contact information etc), but then we use a separate spreadsheet for tracking projects and monitoring profitability.

Is it possible to use SuiteCRM to record and measure projects including profitability. E.g. on the spreadsheet we record the value of the sale then when the project is complete, we use data from our time tracking app,, to calculate the profit margin.

I would like to track all this data in SuiteCRM so that for example, we can run a report to see total value of projects launched by month, sector, customer etc.

I’m a relative novice at SuiteCRM so I just want to check if this is feasible before I start getting too far into it.

Any help would be much appreciated.



Hi there,

That is certainly possible with SuiteCRM. You can utilise the Opportunities module for this and then us the Reports module to report on Opportunity data. You may need to customise SuiteCRM to achieve your exact requirement, but that’s the beauty of open source.



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Hi Will,

Thanks for the feedback. I will push ahead with the upgrade and see how far I can take it.


Hi Daithi,

Did you manage to get SuiteCRM to help achieve your requirements? I’m just curious how you’ve done it and whether it’s simple enough to use compared to using the spreadsheet?