Managing and organising Opportunities

I am looking for a solution that would allow us to better manage our ‘Opportunities’.

Currently we have a large list of opportunities converted from leads and it can be hard to diverge one opportunity from another. It can be rather daunting when the list grows. I will detail below an ideal solution.

For example, if one opportunity should be contacted at a later date, I would like to be able to mark it as a particular colour and possibly select from a drop down column ‘status’ that we should contact them on this date and ideally add to my Google calendar (automatically) when selected to.

I am wondering if there are add-ons out there that can do this kind of functionality or would this need to be custom coded?

If custom coded, how much work is required? Would this be a fairly low cost solution to do the above?

Thanks in advance for any replies!


I recommend to use module Calls for it. You can create a call that will link to an opportunity. You will have full history of communicate with client.