Managed to install 8.1, but strange view appeared - wrong css in iframe

Installed SuiteCRM8.1 to HestiaCP, set up custom root to /public.
Using install guide set correct file permissions.
Installation passed without errors, but when I enter CRM it’s like CSS missing:

Fixed /public/legacy/.htaccess

RewriteBase /public/legacy

But it doesn’t work.
Tried to access all CSS files from web - all work and accessible.

What can it be?

Hi @trogvar, welcome to the community :wave:

If your vhost is pointing to /<path-to-your-crm-folder>/public, you should change the RewriteBase to RewriteBase /legacy

the following may also help:

PS: I may not be able to reply to you soon, sorry.

That was default settings - doesn’t work.

Fixed that! - access rights to ther folder
cache/themes/suite8 was to admin.admin, but not to admin.www-data.