Manage resume of people in suiteCRM


I am new to the use this great tool. :wink:

I have a crazy question and I’m sorry in advance if I can shock some people.
I would like to manage my activity which consists in bringing together people looking for missions
and companies looking for profiles with computer skills for example.

To manage my future customers SuiteCRM is perfect, but I would also like to
manage people’s applications and related documents.

I thought I would manage this feature with product management, would you have a better idea more suitable.
Would it be possible to hijack a module to achieve this functionality via a small development.

Thank you in advance for your help.
I hope I asked my question in the right place.


It’s normal in SuiteCRM to re-use existing modules for different purposes, you just have to look for the one that is closer to what you need.

For documents, I suggest the Notes module, if you don’t need versioning, or the Documents module, if you do.

For applications, I suggest the Cases module which is quite powerful and connects well with email.


sorry to repply you only now, i was a little bit busy. Thanks for your help i will try your solution and will give you news about it.