Making the Admin menu double-column


I have a question :raising_hand_man:. Will this code still work for the SuiteCRM v7.13.4? :man_shrugging:

pgr blog post for making the Admin menu double-column

It takes around 2 minutes to try it, why make a forum post about it?

Thanks! you can delete this topic.

No need to delete it,m but please tell us if it worked.

It works with v7.13 though :v: with below Fatal error in log:

[FATAL] log call at: custom/modules/Administration/index.tpl:94 - MY_FRAME is not set


{* <!--
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 * SuiteCRM is an extension to SugarCRM Community Edition developed by SalesAgility Ltd.
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 * reasonably feasible for technical reasons, the Appropriate Legal Notices must
 * display the words "Powered by SugarCRM" and "Supercharged by SuiteCRM".


<div class="dashletPanelMenu wizard">
<div class="bd">

                <div class="screen admin-panel">

{if isset($MY_FRAME)}
    {log msg="MY_FRAME is not set"}

{foreach  from=$ADMIN_GROUP_HEADER key=j item=val1}

   {if isset($GROUP_HEADER[$j][1])}
   <div class="row other view forheader">

   <div class="row other view forheader">

    {assign var='i' value=0}
    {foreach  from=$VALUES_3_TAB[$j] key=link_idx item=admin_option}
        <div class="col-sm-6">
          <div class="row forrows{$j}">

            {if isset($COLNUM[$j][$i])}
                <div class="col-sm-4">
                    <span class="suitepicon suitepicon-admin-{$ICONS[$j][$i]}"></span>
                    <a id='{$ID_TAB[$j][$i]}' href='{$ITEM_URL[$j][$i]}' class="tabDetailViewDL2Link">{$ITEM_HEADER_LABEL[$j][$i]}</a>
                <div class="col-sm-8">{$ITEM_DESCRIPTION[$j][$i]}</div>
                <div class="col-sm-4">&nbsp;</div>
                <div class="col-sm-8">&nbsp;</div>
    {assign var='i' value=$i+1}





I think you can just remove that log command.

okay :+1: you could update that on your website too. Also, we need more blog posts on your page. :smile:

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