Making Quotes Remove Stock from Products


We are currently using a Manual Stock system to update stock on our systems. I am wondering if we can cut out the middle bit of stock updates by using the following.

When a Quote is marked as status “Confirmed” I want it to remove the stock from our products module which i have added some custom fields to the products page for. Here is an example.

If the Quote is using 2 of PT09999 and there is 20 currently in stock i want it to add 2 to the “Stock Allocated” and remove 2 from the “Stock available” field.

Has anybody done this before?


Use Before Save logic hook to compare your Status change and Deduct the amounts from Products Inventory/Stock Fields.

Thank you i will give that a try.


Sorry if i am missing something blatantly obvious. This is my first attempt with logic hooks and i am not sure on where to put them in the file structure.