Making notes visible from the calendar view page

If I add a new note it is not viewing on the calendar view page. I want the Notes to viewed on the calendar view page please help.

Hi @praveenkumar,

I have updated your title to more correctly reflect your requirements. Please in the future remember that these are community forums and “demands” will not be met. A more accurate title also encourages users to comment and assist with topics in which they already have knowledge.

In regards to your question, you are able to access the notes subpanel by going to the full detail view of the item found on the calendar. If you would like this functionality on the calender’s view have have 2 choices;

  1. You could change what happens when you click on a already made record on the calendar view to make it open the full detail view, this would be functionality but may not be the prettiest option.

  2. You could add the notes subpanel to the calender’s view, this however would be complicated and if you don’t have any coding skills you may have to get a contractor to do this for you. I have not personal knowledge on how this would be done but i don’t see any reason for why this wouldn’t work.