Making Contracts a Required Field in new Case

I’ve managed to add the Contracts field to a new case but not able to figure out how to make it a required field within Cases.

Our Contracts has fields with Blocks of time the client has bought and we need to associate the Case to the Contract in order to deduct the time spent from the Contract total.

Any thoughts?
Many thanks - see attached!

You should add:

'required' => true,

to your Contracts field.
Do you use Studio or do it manually?

Thank you!

Attached - this is the Cases Layout and I don’t see an option here to make this a required field

Attached - this is the Contracts fields and Required is enabled here.

I am doing this all via Studio yes.

It is’n work because the parameter “Required Field” in module Contacts work only for filed “name” of this module. You should use parameter: “‘required’ => true,” for relationship in the module Cases. You can do it only manually. Studio don’t support “required” for relationship, only for field.

It isn’t hard if you have access to file structure of you SuiteCRM.

thank you. In which file would I do that?

I can’t write correct information about file name because there is only label name in screenshot. SuiteCRM make name automatically when you build it in Studio or Module Builder.
You can find file in directory:
Add ‘required’ => true, to field which type is ‘relate’ .

thank you @p.konetskiy - will try this