Making a new field available in 2 modules

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Apologies if this is covered elsewhere but I couldn’t find it and I am a SuiteCRM newbie. I have created a new field under the “Users” module called ‘Office’, which basically defines which physical office to which each user is assigned to (this works fine and has dropdown values associated with it). Each office is responsible for a certain number of accounts (employers in our case) and I am trying to capture this new ‘office’ field under the ‘Accounts’ module also.

Thought I would have to go into Studio, select the ‘Users’ module and create a relationship to ‘Account’ but this seems to create a relationship on a module level and not a field level. So basically, the new ‘Office’ field is not available as an option to add under ‘Accounts’ layouts under any of the views.
Any help appreciated

what you want to achieve with this setup? are you trying to apply any kind of permissions with that office field to accounts?

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Hi there, thanks for the response.
Basically trying trying to set up the system so that each account is managed by a particular office. I can then filter accounts by office. It isn’t really an issue of permissions, just management, so that each office can easily filter the accounts in their region and view maybe 500 rather than 20,000 accounts.
Hope this makes sense.

Try a “relate field” instead of a full relationship.

Thanks for the response. I can only see how to do this through using php on other threads. It is possible at all to do it through Studio?
Could you please direct me on how best to approach?

There’s Documentation for this:

One of the Field Types is “Relate”.

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Hi Mike,
I figured it out. When setting up a new field under the second Module (Accounts), I used the data type “Dropdown”, but instead of creating a new set of values, I used the lookup attached to the original “office” field created in the “Users” module. Looks very much like this is going to work.
Many thanks