Make user into admin


How do i make one of my users into an admin?

I have tried all the following without success:

  1. Admin | Security Groups Management | Add to Admin group
  2. Admin | User Management | Edit User | Set User Type = System Administrator User

User has logged off and logged back in again without success after each change.

Any pointers appreciated.


Point 2 should do it.

I have created a new admin user and that seems to work but the old user still cannot act as admin.

you can try repair & rebuild , also clear cache.

it’s a bit late, but maybe somebody need it. I hope this helps. It’s working in my case.

Please enter the following commands on a linux command line as root

cat /etc/suitecrm/suitecrm/ucsadmin.secret

You will then see a long password. Use this password to login in in SuiteCRM as user ucsadmin. Use this user to give user users the admin role.

I found another way (seems to work, albeit it may have unintended consequences I don’t know about). Go into the DB, users, change the “is admin” from 0 to 1

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