Make the field mandatory

A field Projects is created in Contracts module by using the Relationships function in the Studio. Is there a way to make it mandatory?

Yes, if the field is not shown in the studio you have 2 options:

  • Using code change mark it to be visible in studio (recommended)
  • Using code change mark the field to be required on editview

Hi eitrix,

Thanks for the reply. Do you mean we need to modify the code? Unfortunately, I am not familiar with coding.

If the field is not available in the studio to be marked as mandatory (required), than yes code change is required.

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Maybe you can try the following:

Create a file in /custom/Extensions/modules/Contracts/Ext/Vardefs/ and name it something relevant, e.g. “Projects.php” and populate it with the following:

$dictionary['Contracts']['fields']['Projects']['required'] = true;

Be sure to save this with appropriate permissions, then run a Repair and Rebuild.

PS: I have assumed that the field you want to make compulsory is called “Projects” and it belongs to the module “Contracts”.
If it is not the case modify those two words accordingly and respectinglower/upper case