Make Line Items Records Visible

Hi all,

I’d like to trigger a Workflow to act upon Line Items and be able to do this directly using a drop-down added in the Line Items Module, then Bulk Update > change drop down to something like “Run Workflow” and have the Workflow run on these records.

This is so I can, for example, manually select all the Line Items created this month and run a Workflow on them.

However, I cannot enable the List View of Line Items? Is it possible?

Thanks, Mike

From my understanding line items is only available in the quote, invoice and contracts layouts

There is not a ‘line item’ module / list view available

I had an idea… why not just use the URL directly… And it works…

So, this sort of solves my problem (although the lack of direct link is a bit annoying…)

But I wonder why it wouldn’t be available to display in the menu like any other Module?

Thanks, Mike

Once you get that List view, how exactly do you run the Workflow? Do you add a new button to Bulk menu, via custom code?

Yes, a new button with bulk edit switched on, or what I usually do is create a new dropdown called “workflow_actions” or similar, and have some options in the drop down like “dispatch to customer”.

This way my team can double click on this field from the list view and trigger the Workflow on a single entry really quickly (or bulk edit to manage many at once).

In this instance I’ve actually learned a new “Special ability” of Workflows just the other day which has worked really well this time:

Create a Workflow to run on the Contracts/Invoices/Quotes module.
Setup whatever trigger conditions you need.
Insert a “Modify Record” event…
Change “Record Type” to “Line Items : Product Quotes”
Modify field or create relationship as desired (e.g. a check box to mark line item as dispatched)

The “special ability” I just learned is that the above will update EVERY LINE ITEM within that contract/quote/invoice.

I previously believed the “Modify Record” function could only modify the single record that the workflow was triggered by.

Very handy.

Sorry if it reads like a massive hack to a proper developer but I can only just about read and edit code and I’m not skilled enough to develop slick functions so I rely heavily on the Workflow modules, which usually does everything I need.

Have a look at my PowerWorkflows add-on, see the demo video, it might come in handy for you.

You just taught me something, regarding the multiple “Modify record” behavior, I didn’t know that. It’s one of my planned future features, loops in Workflows (and subroutine Workflows), but it seems that part of that is already possible. Nice.

Looks good! Thanks for sharing!