Make File Name Not Required when import

I have a file type custom module, ever time when I import, I have been asking to include the "Publish Date and “File Name” in the csv file or I can not proceed importing data because these 2 fields are “Required” fields, i have already untick the “Required Field” of Publish Date in the Studio but when import the field is still need to be included, as for the “File Name”, the field is not seen in the Studio and it is referrig to the name of the file attachment in the detailview.

How may I make the Publish Date and File Name not required since this action cannot be done via Studio?

I have come across this issue before

I create a column on my import - header row = File Name / for all rows = 1

For publish date you can set a default date instead

This was what excatly I did just to fulfill what’s needed but it should be somewhere making the filed Not Required as Studio is nort doing wha it is supposed to do.