Make fields Audit able

Hi, i’m working on SuiteCRM 7.10.1
i’ve a custom module which has 700+ fields

  • some are created with module builder( 100+)
  • some are with stdio (400+)
  • some of them are using script /Ext/Vardef/fields.php (200+)
    as per our needs.
    now problem is that i want to make all of fields “Audit”
    so what is the quick and easy way to do that,
    P.S: by going with stdio and set audit checkbox one by one is not the option for 700+ record
    Thanks in advance

The quick fix is to open appropriate files. And use

Ctrl + H

Command and find and replace the audit flag and set that to true.
You can set all the vardef fields just in a seconds.
And for custom extension fields a PHP IDE can work better for you. You can search and replace from the entire files of a folder.