Make ElasticSearch index more fields and modules

Hi folks!

Does anybody know how can I tweak ElasticSearch to make it index more fields and modules than the default? For instance, it searches for primary email, but I’d like to search for all email addresses a contact or account may have. Also, I’d like to include Products module in search results.

Is there any way to do it?
Thank you very much

Interesting question. I don’t know the answer, unfortunately…

C’mon guys… there must be a way to do it! That’s open source… Anyone that could help?

@3boptic Did you find the solution then? I am at the same stage :wink:

Welcome @jaydeepsoni to our community. Unfortunately I could not solve this yet. I hope someone could give as a clue but it’s been a couple of years without luck! Regards.

Maybe someone can figure something out by having a look at the code, perhaps starting here

… and checking the functions and files called from there.

Thanks for the reply @3boptic sure I will keep looking if find anything then will post here.

Thanks for the direction @pgr Will take a look and if I find anything thenwill post here

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