Make a module A fields provider for other modules B, C, D, ....

hi everyone!

I need to add some fields to multiple modules.
I made a module with these fields to add them to all modules i need.
But there is no way to transfer fields like this in studio, it seems…
Do you have any tips to resolve my issue ?

That’s not the way it works.

You could achieve something similar if you were working directly on the PHP files describing the views (not from Studio).

But you probably just need to get your data design right. Are you sure what you’re looking for is not relationship? That’s how you link more than one kind of records to a different kind of record.

You could set them with workflow

I must have read this too quick. Cannot create fields in workflow, I was thinking about fields content.

Relationship create a related fields in one side and a subpanel in many side. That cannot help me to display all my fields in other modules.

Have a look at this post

And try watching what Studio does when you add fields; and then see what it does next, when you run the QR&R.

Then you can try working on those PHP files directly.