Major Enhancements - What do you want to see next?

We’re interested in what you’d like to see for the major new features. Please feel free to add your own ideas. This poll open until the end of September 2016.

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First of all thanks for your greate job. This project is very strong and we use it a lot.

Here is what we miss:
1)Free integration of Calendar/Contacts/Tasks with Google Aps.
Extension that we have in Community cost 15$/month for each user in CRM. This is ridiculous.

2)In Studio>Fields Editor we can add “HTML Field”.

It is very strong instrument, but data in that field is the same for all objects under module. We need option to change data in that field separately for each unit (item) in that module. So please, move option to change data in that filed from where it is now to Edit mode of separate object in module
In community there is extension, that allow to create Field with WYISWYG editor. It’s very close to what I describe above, but that extention is very unstable and with bugs.

3)Add Inventory (Warehouse Management System) module

No to 3 (Inventory). this is CRM, not ERP.

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1 - I think subpanel filtering needs to become standard and customizable in studio. I can’t tell you how many times my users have been asking for this feature on all panels (especially from the accounts detail view).

2 - The ability to create custom modules that work like AOS (header and lines) without having to do some coding.

Forgot to mention

3 - Upgrading needs to be improved somehow. I created a post about this the other day.

Hopefully an improved instance of the email templates editor.

The lastest version is cool but it is very ahrd to format a document in the way one wants: it’s the editor that decides!

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Give the possibility to send emails to any of the email addresses of a contact/account/lead/etc.

Currently only the default email address is the only one to which email addresses are sent.

There could be some options such as, for example:
. send only to this address
. send to all addresses
. other options that are then considered in a campaign

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Add in the standard version a field that could have many values (similar to emails) with full search, import and export functionality.

Improve search as the SugarCRM add on Enhanced Search.

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Add more config options in Admin so that one can change them without having to edit files.


Calculated fields


Default duplicate or potential duplicate finder. Currently it is possible to detect duplicates only on a one by one basis.


An Apple Mail plug-in. Or at the very least, an Outlook for Mac plug-in

Love the product, want to eventually integrate it into our company and work with Sales Agility to customise for the business.

Enhancements are all good and well, but currently their are a fair few bugs in 7.7. There were a fair few bugs in 7.6 which were never fixed before 7.7 came out. So I think it might be a little early to talk enhancements.

Having said that, I voted for better searching, but I don’t really see this as an enhancement. The current search is more like a bug. An example, multiple word products or accounts (Or any field that requires multiple words) you have to enter the first word or you cannot search. Currently you cannot even do a wildcard search using ‘*’ before the search term.

Bug or not, Search is the next thing I hope to see improve dramatically. Need an easy way to find information on a massive database. Also, realtime duplicate detection is a good thing, mainly for Products which are entered for quotes. But not as important as strong Search.

Other than that AngularJS is the only other thing I am excited about. Background realtime updates on the front end so that we can see information entered by another user change in realtime. This would certainly bring Document Management into the Spotlight.

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Wildcards in search are already supported. instead of the star sign (*) you have to use the percentage sign (%). Having said this I also voted to enhance search because currently it is very hard to aim at very specific records via search.

I would like to see AND, OR, NOT, XOR operators as well as EMPTY and PARENTHESIS.

On top of this I would like to be able to search having conditions that span across more than one module.

For example:
. all accounts without contacts
or: all (contacts whose email is NOT EMPTY) from accounts whose (sector is apparel OR shoes) AND (have sales > 100) AND (that are NOT from France OR UK) AND where there is a pending open opportunity.

(obviously my representation above is only to show an example)


I obviously did not know that I could do Wildcard searching and couldnt find any documentation regarding this. For a company with more than a thousand products in the database, this at least helps, however, not sure why you would need to put this in the first place.Wouldnt it be easier to search any word within a selected field?

1- Installation screens in your own language (this is an easy one and there is a PR for that!!)

2- Refactor all language files to have same style code (go for single entries with format: key = Value)

3- A new version just to optimize language files and translation issues (hard coded words, duplicated strings on same file, and other issues already posted on github)
Really… SuiteCRM is to be used by non-english users too, right?

4- Updating translations from central server (see the way Joomla does it!)

Needs to be done … thank you

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Forgot to mention there needs to be a dashboard manager to easily apply changes to multiple users.


Implicit leading wildcard for searches. We have a lot of database entries that are listed by street address and if you remember the street but not the actual street number it’s likely your search won’t find the data you need. It looks like the engine used for search can do this (though it may be inefficient?) but I wasn’t able to figure out where to make a change to get that option working.

Simple calculated fields… it doesn’t have to be a full-blown implementation of Sugar Logic… it could be just a field that provides a formula entry and a value readout. The formula entry could accept simple operators (arithmetic, roll-up, boolean) and navigational modifiers like parent, child, etc.

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