Major Bug in JotPad

Just found a nasty bug in JotPad

If you add a linefeed to the JotPad when you navigate away from it it loses all your text

Typically the one person who uses it in our company is the MD who was not assumed when he lost all his text

This has happened since we upgraded to 7.4

There was an old bug in JotPad that caused problems if you entered an ampersand bit this is much worse

Any fix for this would be much appreciated

Just experienced the same Issue. Now validated.

try this:


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if(typeof JotPad == 'undefined') { // since the dashlet can be included multiple times a page, don't redefine these functions
	JotPad = function() {
	    return {
	    	 * Called when the textarea is blurred
	        blur: function(ta, id) {
	        	ajaxStatus.showStatus('{/literal}{$saving}{literal}'); // show that AJAX call is happening
	        	// what data to post to the dashlet	
				ta.value=ta.value.replace(/&/gi, "%26");				
    	    	var va=YAHOO.lang.JSON.stringify(ta.value);				
    	    	postData = 'to_pdf=1&module=Home&action=CallMethodDashlet&method=saveText&id=' + id + '&savedText=' + va;
				var cObj = YAHOO.util.Connect.asyncRequest('POST','index.php', 
								  {success: JotPad.saved, failure: JotPad.saved}, postData);
	    	 * Called when the textarea is double clicked on
			edit: function(divObj, id) {
				ta = document.getElementById('jotpad_textarea_' + id);
				if(SUGAR.isIE) ta.value = divObj.innerHTML.replace(/<br>/gi, "\n");
				else ta.value = divObj.innerHTML.replace(/<br>/gi, '');
				ta.value = ta.value.replace(/&amp;/gi, "&"); = 'none'; = '';
	    	 * handle the response of the saveText method
	        saved: function(data) {
	           	if(typeof result != 'undefined') {
					ta = document.getElementById('jotpad_textarea_' + result['id']);
					theDiv = document.getElementById('jotpad_' + result['id']);
					theDiv.innerHTML = result['savedText'];
				} = 'none'; = '';
	           	window.setTimeout('ajaxStatus.hideStatus()', 2000);
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Frenchy, Thanks for this fix.

I’ll put the specific details for our user base in the proper context.

  1. Go to the JavaScript for the JotPad Dashlet - located at /modules/Home/Dashlets/JotPadDashlet./JotPadDashletScript.tpl
  2. Got to Line 56
    [li] Replace the Instruction:
 var va=YAHOO.lang.JSON.stringify(encodeURIComponent(ta.value)); 


ta.value=ta.value.replace(/&/gi, "%26");
 var va=YAHOO.lang.JSON.stringify(ta.value); 



In Looking at the SurgarCRM 6.7 Developer Docs the encodeURIComponent() which has been chained to the Stringify() method was added to SuiteCRM 7.4x codebase and has been tripping us Up.


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That fixes it :slight_smile: