MailChimp integration options and questions

Has anyone tried the Offshore Evolution Mailchimp integration tool (

Was it any good? How much did it cost?

I’m having problems with my ISP’s mail server being blacklisted which is screwing up all my campaigns, so I am evaluating Mailchimp as an alternative. Obviously I want my customer and campaign data stored in the same place, so I’m interested in integrations.

And if anyone has any ideas for alternative email campaign tools I could use, please let me know.

Haven’t tried that integration, recently used SugarChimp however (available from sugaroutfitters) and it worked as expected, pretty seamless and with a few payment options.

Good luck finding the right solution for you.


Hey there, this is Chad from SugarOutfitters/SugarChimp. We are working on getting that taken down right now. They ripped off our code and are reselling it. So if that tells you anything… :slight_smile:

Appreciate the shout-out hnsoftwareconsulting!

SugarChimp is what you need. You can start a free trial and get started here:


I think if your modules weren’t such crazy prices people might actually buy them. I mean you have a Duplicate finder for $960 a year. NINE HUNDRED AND SIXTY. I’d rather just look for them with my eyes. JHEEZ…

That MailChip, $2490 a year, I would expect a lifetime of ALL your modules for that cost. What the hell are you guys smoking to think people will pay that.

Plus your SIMPLE ‘Google’ theme has a yearly cost? WHY? $390, for a theme. Go see Theme Forest’s Amazing, complete themes for $59…

Yes, the prices can be high for individuals to purchase, but for businesses this is pocket change as they see the value that the software provides. Head counts are where the vast majority of costs go to for organizations so if software can replace the need for more resources or reduce the need for existing resources it becomes an easy decision.

Real business needs require real business solutions. Quality solutions come at a cost. That can often mean a substantial investment. Traditionally this meant tens of thousands in custom service projects. These off the shelf solutions reduce the need for those custom service projects which reduces risk. As a result, it reduces cost to a point that makes it a clear cut decision on whether to purchase off the shelf software or continue to over invest in head counts.

The Mailchimp integration starts at $490 a year for the Basic plan. The Ultimate plan is $2,490 a year and we see businesses upgrade from Basic to Ultimate shortly after starting a trial and stick with Ultimate for the long haul. That is clear evidence that there is value for the price for those that are using it. Similarly with the other add-ons that you mention.

Now if the value isn’t there for your business then the price may too high for you, but from what we’ve seen over the years that is pretty rare. Even non-profits are leveraging the add-ons on the store to reduce their costs.

I’m not smoking anything. Bad for the lungs. Just providing value at what is a low cost to our customers. We’ve been in business for years for a reason.

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What the f*ck are these silly prices for add-ons??? Seriously even VTiger hasn’t got this bad with people cashing in on something that’s built on opren source source software, the monthly prices quoted for add-ons are rediculous, I mean you could get a good cloud based//managed CRM for the price…

VTiger has: a free mailchimp plugin

VTiger has: a free lightweigher customer portal that supports all modules:

Have a word with yourselves, businesses mihgt as well get a fully hosted and supported CRM platform rather than pay silly prices for add 0ons with the added potential headaches of a self-hosted platform.