Mail template's text, saved as html entities

Hello all,

When I create a mail template in greek language the text is saved as html entity. For example the text “αβγ” is saved as


My database uses utf8_general_ci, but also I tried utf8_unicode_ci without any help. I use english language for the interface of my suitecrm local installation. Is there anything else that I can try? Thank you in advance.

Which SuiteCRM version are you running, and which database?

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This is what I found:

MySQLi Server Info: 5.7.23-0ubuntu0.16.04.1
MySQLi Client Encoding: utf8
MySQL Character Set Settings: character_set_client = utf8, character_set_connection = utf8, character_set_database = utf8, character_set_filesystem = binary, character_set_results = utf8, character_set_server = latin1, character_set_system = utf8

Sugar version: 6.5.25 / Sugar DB version: 6.5.25 / Sugar flavor: CE

PHP Version 7.0.32-0ubuntu0.16.04.1

Yes, but which version of SuiteCRM are you running? You can check this in the top-right menu, “About” box.

I need to know because there are known issues similar to what you’re getting, and some of them have already been fixed on the latest versios.

Sorry, here is my version: Version 7.10.9 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344).

Also I installed the following upgrade packages:

SuiteCRM patch 7.10.2
SuiteCRM patch 7.9.12

Maybe you can try this on the online demos to see if the problem is just in your system, or for everybody. (this one is preview of 7.10.10)

Tell us what you discover.

I checked both demos and I have the same issue.

On the source of mail template, the greek characters are all html entities.

I connected to my database using phpmyadmin and checked the email_templates.
On body_html and on all other collumns the greek language appear normally.

Trying my hosting’s control panel, when I view the database table for email_templates, the greek characters appear as “?”.

Can you please open an issue with this on GitHub?

Include a list of “steps to reproduce” and some screenshots if possible.

Thanks for reporting.

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Thank you Pgr,

I will report on GitHub…