Mail templates created in SuiteCRM not showing images

Hello there

I am creating a mail template for a campaing, to be sent by mail, but when I send the “test” mails I can see only the test but not image added to the template with the SuiteCRM “template creator” tool is being shown or loaded in the mail

I have discovered that when you insert an image in the template, it gets stored like this in the “src” if the html tag


I think this is the problem as the src should be something like “http://server_url/public/id_node_file.png”.

If I use the “public/id_node_file.png” in the browser nothing happens, but with “http://server_url/public/id_node_file.png” I can see the image.

The problem is that if I try to add manually (using the “show custom code” functionality) the http://server_url/ to the html tag, the “template creator” tool, removes it and keeps only again “public/id_node_file.png”.

Is there anything to solve this, or am i doing it wrong?



you forgot to say which SuiteCRM version you’re running…

Have you set up your server address in config.php? The installer asks you for the values initially, but maybe you didn’t set them at the time.

Check in config.php these values

  'host_name' => '',
  'site_url' => '',


Thanks for the suggestion, but I already have these values set up. It is wierd as when I load these image files sometimes the path gets saved with the server_url, and other dont.

When the server_url is not saved in the image path,and we can get only something like “public/xxxxxxxxxxx.png”, the image is never shown no matter the mail client you use.

Other times the path gets saved something like “server_url/entry_poing*************************”. If i copy the path and paste it in the browser I am able to “download” the image, however when the mail is sent, the image is not shown at all, no matter if you use thunderbird, outlook, or web mail client.

I am gonna built the mail in plain HTML and then try to paste it in the template… hope it works that way.

Btw we are using vertion 7.9.8


FYI, the difference between the “entrypoint” and the “public” approaches are that entrypoint requires a user to login, while public doesn’t (so it is adequate to send links in emails to non-users).

I suggest

  1. Checking your permissions on the “public” directory, it needs public access

  2. Check if the image file is created correctly in the public folder, and with correct permissions

  3. If you can get a test system, try upgrading to the latest 7.9.x, this might be fixed a long time ago

Hi, thanks for all the answers.

Finally to solve this what we have done is moving the image files to an accesible url of other server and place them in there. The newsletters sent with SuiteCRM refereing that external url work now with no issue showing the images in every mail client.

We have not been able to get this to work 100% placing the images inside the “public” directory of our SuiteCRM instance.

Thanks a lot againg for the help!