Mail notification when user create in suitecrm


When we create user from admin ,how we can give mail notiofication to that user
like below.


check your login user details below.
User: Mike
Password: Mike

can we send mail like this when we create user ,while creating user if we give user mail then that user will get mail.if any one known kindly inform and explain how we can do.


Hello Sandeep,
Here are the detail documentation about how system generated password works.

Hi @ urdhvatech,

Thanks for you response ,I am not looking for system generated password ,admin olny generate the password but that password and user name we have to sent mail to that user .

For instance : I am a admin ,I am creating one user called Mike ,so mike has his personal mail id ( ,I have given username:mike and password:mike .while creating if I give his mail( id ,he should get mail regarding his user details like username:mike, password:mike ,like that I need to do.

Is there any way to do this ,kinldy help.


To send an email you can use workflow module. But as per my knowledge. You can not send plain text password as those are encrypted one.
Or If you wish initially you set the password may be set username and password same and ask them to change once log-in for the first time. but this is not secure way!