Mail Campaings - Email marketing details updated automatically

Hello all

We are using SuiteCRM v7.9.8 and we are having a problem in the module “Campaings”. We want to create two campaings for two different business areas. So we have followed this approach

a) We have created two SMP accounts and two Bounced Email accounts.
b) We have created two campaings configuring them with each SMTP and Bounced Email accounts.
c) At the time we create the “Marketing” part of the campaing where we include the “Reply From”, “Reply Addr”… fields, we introduce the data we would like to be sent in each of the emails produced by the campaing.

The problem is that when campaing is sent, the “Reply From” “Reply Address” fields in the campaing gets automatically updated with the “Default SMTP” configuration of the system, and this is not a possible address to show up in the emails our targets receives.

I have checked in the “email_marketing” table, that these fields gets automatically updated prior the system sends the mails to the target list, and there is no way to prevent this.

Is there any workaround? Shall we check the code somehow to preven this?


Isn’t this fixed already? I believe so. Have you tried from the latest version?

Hello, yes, thanks for the answer. I have upgraded to 7.10.8 and now it is working fine!

Thanks a lot!