Lucene Index and Optimise AOD Index not running


Since an upgrade, our search is no longer returning results. I’ve noticed in Scheduler that while other jobs have been operating, the Perform Lucene Index and Optimise AOD Index both say “Never” for last successful run.

(Process Workflow Tasks and others are running fine).

I can’t find any errors either as to why Lucene or AOD Index are failing to run

I have performed the move /Index folder to Index,BACKUP and truncated both the aod_index and aod_indexevent tables, to force a re-index, but it appears that its just not starting up!

Running Suitecrm 7.10.36 on Ubuntu 22.04 with PHP 7.3

Any ideas please?

Check ownerships and permissions in the index files and directories.

Check both your logs for any errors


/modules/AOD_Index/Index is set to 755 and www-data:www-data

It seems to be getting populated

The table aod_indexevents remains empty
Scheduler OPTIMISE AOD INDEX ran at 0900
But “Perform Lucene Index” still has “Never” for last successful run

I can’t see any relevant errors in suitecrm.log and I’ve just uncommented the php error log, so that might show me something in the next short while


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