LTS version upgrade

Good afternoon forum,
I have two questions currently:

  1. What is the difference between the latest version and the latest LTS version?

  2. I currently have version 7.10.25 LTS installed, if I update to version 7.11.13, when LTS version 11.x.x comes out, will a patch be created to be able to migrate to the new LTS version?

  • LTS are the long term support version, more stable and tested and support lasts for defined time. Latest Version are the most recent with bug fixes and features, but havnt been termed/tested to call it as LTS.
  • Yes in most of the cases there are always proper upgrade packages provided.

Just to add some more information to what @dhaivatnaik explined -

the Main features in 7.11 that are not part of 7.10 are, if I remember correctly, Elastic Search and Google Calendar integration.

In practice, despite not being LTS, in the current state of things I don’t feel that 7.11 is riskier than 7.10.

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@pgr thanks, absolutely not riskier. Shared with @Hatori the information on LTS and Latest

thanks @pgr and @dhaivatnaik for your help