Lots of questions to create multiple modules


Until now i only did small modification to suitecrm, but I was asked to create a lot of modules to help the sales service (sorry my english is bad).

To avoid making this post a mess, I will ask my question one by one and continue to answer to this post when the new one comes. For the moment I have 2 questions.
First, I had to import all the product we buy from our partners and sell after. I used and modified the Product and Product categories module.
Since we have multiple sources of product, and that each source has multiple categories, I’m using the product categories to sort them.

I want to know if there is a way to do global updates in the product modules on the product categories (The checkbox don’t appear in the studio so I guess its disabled by default). It will help me set the product to the right categories.

Then I want to modify the quotes modules.
The goal for that is to customize the line of product fields to my needs. But I don’t even find where the code is for it :frowning: .

Thank you for your help.

For the mass updates, see this article


If you plan to develop for SuiteCRM, make sure you get Jim Mackin’s eBook “SuiteCRM for Developers”.

Thank you for the link, i just find this blog 5 min ago. Is it really worth taking the book for only 2 month of developement ?

That eBook is the only place where you’ll get organized, reasonably complete and coherent information about developing for SuiteCRM. Of course you can try to get bit and pieces from the Internet, but it will slow you down.

If your time is worth more than $20 an hour, I would say that eBook will surely save you an hour of work, and possibly save you many many more. But it’s up to you to decide, of course… :slight_smile:

I am sorry i said it bad the first time, my question was more, since i only have 2 month left working on it, will i get the time to really use this, but the question was kinda stupid too. I will definitly buy it monday. Thank you.