Lost password

I just lost my password. How Can I recovery and acces my suitecrm ? :frowning:

This article teaches you how to replace the admin password from the database (provided you have admin access to the database, of course):


Hello and thanks for answering.
I transmitted to my host who made the handling. I then was able to login with the default password. I went to admin and tried to change the dafault password by one of mine. Surprisingly, it said that the default password with which i just login was incorrect, and then I can’t no more login. It’s a big problem…

Are you using SuitePImproved theme?

There was an issue everybody was having with logins about a month ago, it was due to an incompatibility with one of the SuiteCRM upgrades for people who had that theme.

If you search SuitePImproved and “login” here on the forums you’ll find many tips for that.

I get this :

Requête SQL :

$sugar_config['disabled_themes'] = 'SuitePImproved'
MySQL a répondu: Documentation

#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '$sugar_config['disabled_themes'] = 'SuitePImproved'' at line 1

In addition, I use this theme since along toime as it is comfortable on a smartphone and never had this problem.

OK I forgot to put my user name. Now this worked. But after running the reset password script, I still cannot login. :woohoo:

I finally succed to login. Now I don’t dare to change my password… I use SuiteP theme and I have no other theme in the choice list except SuiteP improved but I’m not sure it will help…