Lost Lead History?


We’re using Suite v7.86

When transferring/re-assigning an existing lead to a new agent (when, e.g., the old agent leaves the company), the new agent cannot see any exisiting notes, archived emails, history, activity, etc. associated with that lead.

Shouldn’t ownership of these be transferred to the new agent with the lead?


You probably need something else to do that work. It also depends on the rest of your permissions scheme.

These things are not as straight-forward as they may seem; what works for you may be terrible for someone else. We can’t just assume that re-assignment of a record involves re-assigning all child records.

I suggest a small script, or a logic hook, or some work in the database if this is a one-off thing.

So other than changing roles to allow the new salesman to see (all) notes, emails etc of others users, is there a way the new user can view those previous history items?

It more articulate than that. If your roles and groups depend on ownership (“assigned to”) to grant visibility, then you will need to actually go through those records, manually or programmatically, to change ownership.

But your security scheme can rely on groups, not ownership, if you set the roles to “Group”, not “owner” on that module.

Of course, you will have to figure out if this can work for you in the middle of all your other security and visibility requirements, sometimes it’s hard to achieve a perfect solution without some extra scripting.