Lookup / Create Contact from Case Submitted from Webforms

Hey guys

I am new here, trying to learn the software and get a webform to submit to a case (achieved so far), then lookup the static fields in the case (email field) to check if there are contacts and populate a relate field. If there isnt a dedup, then create a new contact and then populate the relate field.

I had built this functionality in Salesforce using Apex Triggers, hoping there is a means of replicating the functionality

I found this article in the community sugar forums but unsure how this would apply for a form submission
How can I automatically generate a new contact from inbound emails?


You can check the “Web to person” functionality in SuiteCRM which basically does this.

There is also a brand new REST API which allows for all sorts of interactions with SuiteCRM.

There are Workflows and Logic hooks for actions triggered by other actions.

More on these features here:


The part about getting this to be triggered by an email is a bit more difficult, it would need code customizations.

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Trying to hunt down the docs which supports web to person, does this create the contact first then the case or simultaneously handles both?

The reason I ask is that I need to isolate the Case particulars and don’t want them against the contact as a copy down rather require a roll up from case to contact

I have had a look over the workflows, its a bit limited. I couldnt see a means of looking up a contact to populate a relate field. If there is, will save alot of effort

In regards to the code customisation, where would I find documentation on this? I am a person that reverse engineers code so hopefully we have some sample code aswell


The documentation site is here


It has a full Developer Guide with samples. Check the Logic Hooks chapter, it’s “workflows in PHP” and let’s you do everything.

The Search box in that site will take you quickly to the “Web to Person” page. This basically creates Persons (Contacts/Leads/Targets), not Cases.

I have a post on my blog which explain what you can do with the AOP Portal (free add-on from SalesAgility):

Take a look at that, it might be good for you. Your customers can login and interact with you on Cases.