Looking for help to migrate Act! database into SuiteCRM


We (small business, with only 2 Act!-users) have been on Act! (now v18.2.53) for many years now, but we really want to migrate to SuiteCRM …

First of all, there are some 46.000 “targets” in our database (for mass email campaigns), which we could easily migrate by CSV export/import … no problem there … right ?

But we also have our 1.200 customers/prospects, with their opportunities, activities, histories, notes and documents (hell we have even histories containing documents ! - because when you add a document to a record in Act, it isn’t visible in the timeline, so we had to add a history containing this document …)

Could/would somebody help me with migrating these 1.200 customers/prospects over to SuiteCRM ?
We can spend some money on this, but no astronomical budgets …

Please contact me by email : pascalstandaert(at)gmail.com for further communication on this.


Did you get some help Pascal?