Looking for feedback!

Hello folks

Its been a month or so since we released the analytics platform and I’d love to hear some feedback. It can be good or bad or even constructive. What do you like or hate or what would you like to see?

Im looking forward to your thoughts


Any URL of this platform? And any demo video?


Not just yet but im putting together some tutorial videos at the moment with the aim for a demo server that people can check out also

First things first,i have to say ,it is a great job though need a lot of efforts ,not a really quick start hhh
First,could we change the way of config? Now we are using shell ,but if i need customize the kettle model ,using the GUI ,then it will be very hard,the db connect config in GUI default doesn’t work, i need to change every connection details instead of using JDBC(the origin just didn’t work)
Second,And one more suggestion is add UTF-8 connection to the JDBC
Third,now i am using Pentaho ,actually , not really feeling using the SuiteCRM ,could we have more soft-connection?