Logo Placement and Size

I thought my logo was too big because it would show at the bottom of the page instead of top but looking at the TPL file I see the HTML is in “footer” Yet I swear I’ve seen many screen shots with logos up top. Am I seeing this correctly and therefore need to modify the TPL(s) to put logo up top (below menu bar)? What files?

Also, no matter what logo size I upload it displays the same size. I’m no CSS expert but looking at the HTML source of the actual displayed page, the height/width in the img tag is way smaller than what I’m seeing on the screen. Then I found some CSS for the img tag setting width/height to 100% which would be I guess 150px wide because that is the size of the div it is in, but that css makes no difference (maybe a cached page).

I’ve found the PHP and TPL files that specify the logo size but both are setting the value using variables. I searched the config table and couldn’t find where the values for these logo size variables are stored. Where are they coming from? Of course if it’s a CSS issue setting image size to 100% within div, then playing with these values in these files would make no difference.

Very strange annoyances with this software.

It displays the same size because if logos were allowed to be as large as some upload(1000’s of px in width) it would break the footer code.

It is not a CSS ‘issue’, as this is how it is meant to be set.

Modifying the companyLogo class to increase the width will resolve this issue(copy themes/Suite7/css/style.css into custom/themes/Suite7/css/ and amend).