Login problem

I installed the newest version of SuiteCRM and after logging in with username and password I get to a page with a message that says my page is not working. I attached a screenshot. All I have to do is go up to the URL line and backspace everything out until I see only domainname/SuiteCrm and press enter. Then the dashboard of SuiteCRM appears. Can anyone help me? Thank you

No one can help???

I don’t understand your question.
Your page is working fine at:


I am sorry that I was not clear. After logging in as admin, the screen I see is attached. To get to the dashboard I have to go up to the URL and delete all characters shown in the screenshot until only http://www.YourMilitary.com/SuiteCrm is there and then I hit enter. Then my dashboard opens up. The employees do not have this problem. They can enter in their username and password and the dashboard opens up as it should. I hope you can help me. I have searched the Internet and forum and seems like no one else has this issue.

You have a problem accessing your admin page.
Looks like permissions issues to the files involved in admin tasks.

Thank you. Let me check. Where would I go to find these files so I can check the permissions?

horus68 The login page is fine also the login process. The issue is a 500 error appears just after the login while trying to load http://www.yourmilitary.com/SuiteCrm/index.php?module=Configurator&action=AdminWizard
If after the login and the 500 error page, you load http://www.yourmilitary.com/SuiteCrm/index.php it is working fine. is there a workaround to avoid configurator-AdminWizard ?

Enter admin screen:

Try Repair / quick repair


You should also see your logs

And also look for a
“Possible Cross Site Request Forgery (XSRF) Attack Detected”

Repair / quick repair didn’t help.
I check the log and there was this “PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /modules/Configurator/views/view.adminwizard.php on line 149”
At view.adminwizard.php line 149 there is this code:

 $this->ss->assign('scenarios', []);

I just comment this line using // in front of it.
Now it seems to work.