Login-Page PHP Timeout in Fresh Install

Locally installed SuiteCRM 7.11.20 on my Windows 10 (20H2) PC running XAMPP 8.0.8 for test purposes.

Install process with install.php completed successfully with no errors, but now the login-page is not loading. After 2 minutes the following error is shown:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 120 seconds exceeded in C:\xampp\htdocs\crm\jssource\Minifier.php on line 231

Apache and MySQL logs show no other errors.

This post suggests increasing the following values in php.ini, which did not solve my problem:

Set post_max_size to at least 60MB
Set upload_max_filesize settings to at least 60MB
Set max_input_time to a large number
Set memory_limit to 256MB

usually, a local setup with xampp is not too difficult, but you need to use a lower xampp version. PHP8 is not supported yet:

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Thanks, I missed that.