Login not working after upgrading to SuiteCRM 8.2.3


I upgraded from SuiteCRM 8.1.2 to 8.2.3, the upgrade completed without any errors but now I cannot login from the default SuiteCRM 8 login form. I am still able to login from the legacy login form though.

It returns 500 Internal Server Error with message “Login credentials incorrect, please try again later.”

Steps that I had taken to upgrade:

  1. Followed the docs to upgrade to v8.2.3, went well.
  2. Rebuilt node_modules folder with the following command
npm install --legacy-peer-deps
  1. Rebuilt common, core and shell.
  2. Added an extension by following the official documentation.
  3. Cleared cache and built common, core, shell and extension.
  4. Added the custom theme folder in core/app/shell/src/themes and rebuilt shell.

It is worth mentioning that I was able to upgrade to v8.2.3 and login earlier, but I had forgotten to pull some changes from GitHub and so had to redo the upgrade. I had luckily not deleted that instance, so I do have a way to login into my current instance by logging into the previous one (both connect to the same DB) and setting the browser cookies.

Any help would be appreciated.


It was a problem with .env file. Somehow the new .env file did not copy during the installation.

if the .env did not copy, how or where did you get it from?

I already had an 8.2.3 instance that was working fine, as I mentioned. I got it from there.

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