Login language with unwanted redirect

Hi all!
I was having the same trouble with sugarcrm 6.5.24 and now the same issues appear to me for suitecrm 7.8.2:
I go on login page and by default I find the english language:
then I select the italian language and the page is redirecting to
but then by itself it coem abck to the original url:

I added also the spanish and french language and they both are behaving in the same way, for both sugarcrm 6.5.24 and suitecrm 7.8.2… Maybe it is a conflict with sugarcrm hosting configuration? Because it looks strange that I am the only one on the web with this issue…

The issues was originated from the autofill funcion of the plugin browser lastpass password manager. Disabligmn the autofill option, then it come back all right!