Logged out everytime i logging in and clicking anywhere

Hi Team,

I have installed SUITECRM Version 7.10.10 and created custom field and modified name of some module.
When i use SUITE CRM with my admin login everything is ok
when I use SUITECRM with a login with a different role I am logged out everytime i logging in and clicking anywhere.

It is helpful if anyone provide me solutions for this.

Many thanks
have a great day

When logged in as admin, do you see many labels saying “undefined”? This would indicate ownerships/permissions problems, you need to fix that.

Anyway, try these:

  • Admin / Quick Repair and Rebuild
  • Admin / rebuild htaccess

Also, please check your logs for errors when it logs out.

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thank you Pgr
it seems we found the problem
the installation has been done twice in the same folder

we changed this and now it works