Log issues, module issues, import issues and reporting issues

Hi Guys,

I’m having four separate problems with two new installs.

One install is on-premise, virtualised with virtualbox. The other is in the cloud, virtualised with KVM and virtio. Existing setups with these two arrangements appear to be fine. Both installs are using Ubuntu16.04, MariaDB and php7.0. Installs did not appear to throw up any issues.

  1. On-premise - Reporting is not working. It does not take into account that we are GMT+10. I have set the appropriate timezone in apache2/php.ini and cli/php.ini, and am no longer getting the errors in the logs (AFAIK). I have Googled until the cows came home. I now have some cows, but no answers.

  2. On-premise - My custom module is not showing in the menu. I have created it, deployed it, and can see it in studio. Curiously, it has at one point or another been showing the sub-panel in the related module. I can’t remember right now if it is or not. I was able to get to it via the ‘full form’ option when making an entry, but I can’t see the ones I have created or import to it.

  3. In-cloud - The import function is not working correctly. I attempted to import ~750 leads, and many are not showing account names, many are not showing phone numbers, and many are not showing anything. When I manually edit these fields, saving the field just resets it to blank. I have logged in to the database, and test changed one of the records there, and it showed this information in the CRM. I have not done extensive research to determine if any are already in the database but just not displaying in the CRM.

  4. In-cloud - The log is showing that suitecrm.aow_workflow does not exist. It does. It also says that Suite*/modules is not a valid directory, and when I create them it just deletes them again and gives itself an error.

I’ve repaired, rebuilt and generally hit every option on the repair page a dozen or so times. I’ve run chown and chmod a number of times to confirm it’s not this either. Please help.

Once this arm of the business is profitable, I would like to contribute back to the community. So far 0/2 are working correctly (although the test environments are fine).

Thanks in advance.