*.log file - validation errors, unable to perform action - Editing Accounts

a new installation of version 8.6.0 and importing 480 accounts went without any problems.

Now SOME of the accounts throw a yellow error message when attempting to save changes:
“There are validation errors, unable to perform action”

The validation error does not generate entries in “public/legacy/suitecrm.log”

I am using SuiteCRM for the first time.

Perhaps modifying the affected accounts directly in the database will solve the issue.
Where can I find specific details regarding this error?
Other *.log files?


Thank you RSP,
changing the log type to Debug generates almost 7000 lines of information just by going into an account and trying to change something, so the error appears.

All this log text does not contain any [error] message nor contains the word validate, validation, etc.

Is there a way to have the yellow error box show more information.
Without knowing the cause of the error there is no way to get SuitCRM to work for me.


This is a front-end error. Does it somehow signal which field it is having trouble with? I mean, something visual as you hit “save”?

You can also try to figure out what is it about your record that doesn’t match the validation conditions for accounts.

Thanks PGR,
but no, this was not a front-end error.

  1. Many of the accounts to import had “phone_alternate” with a prefix 'Alt Phone: '. That invalid prefix for phones was not validated and did not throw errors during the import.

  2. The accounts had email addresses but no “primary_address” field because it was not present in the example csv file downloaded via the import dialog in SuiteCRM. It seems that an account with a single email address assigned that is not flagged as primary causes this validation error as well.
    The import routine should have flagged the relevant email addresses as primary.

All imported accounts are valid now.

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This is what I meant by “front-end error” :point_up_2:

You had a back-end problem, invalid data that had passed through the import process (shouldn’t happen, but…)

Then when the front-end opens the record, it can’t save it afterwards because of the validations. These validations run in Angular front-end, that why this is also true: :point_down:

Any way, I am glad it’s working now :slight_smile:

Thanks PGR,
I understand your terminology now.

Never coded with AngularJS. :wink: