Localhost Emailing

Hey Everyone,

Not even sure if this is a thing that is possible but from all the reading I have done I can’t seem to find anything that troubleshoots this specifically.

My situation is this.

I have installed AMMPS on my laptop and through the softaculous interface installed SuiteCRM. I would like to use the functionality of the software through localhost.

I know that usually you would load this onto a webserver with your website provider (Godaddy etc.) and I am wondering if the email functionality of SuiteCRM is even usable in this type of configuration.

The reason that I am trying to do it this way is that I am starting at a new job. The boss has given me “free” reign over the sales process that I engage in. I am a firm believer that a CRM is a useful tool for this job.

However all in one applications like hubspot are not available to me because the IT guy is wholly against using international servers for data storage because of the possible breaches it opens us up to. That being said I am disinterested in the idea of using a domestic solution as I am unsure if the quality of the Australian CRM service marked is worth investing into via a subscription etc.

We have our company email with a company called Zimbra I am fairly sure that I have the appropriate information to set up the email in SuiteCRM but even if I don’t and that is the reason that I’m not able to get it to work I have also tried using my personal gmail account and when sending the test email I get an error:

An email error occurred:SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.


Yes you can perfectly use SuiteCRM with a local server, and it can send email through any SMTP server out on the Internet, as long as is has internet connectivity to it.

Gmail sometimes needs an extra option to be set, Google for “allow less secure apps SMTP gmail”