Loading new font types to SuiteCRM


Due some quality rules all of our docs are based in the same font type, but the one we need to use is not in the SuiteCRM.

Found some directories in linux but not sure if that is related with the font type used in the system.

Anyway to load new fonts into the system?

Version: 7.5.3
CentOs: 6.7


Found where to load the font type (and edit view.edit.php) and now it can be used in the quote template, however when generate the quote to PDF still using Arial font type not the font type used in the template(Univers), but if i use quote to email it uses the correct font type in the body of email.



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Well, this worked for me (NON UPGRADE SAFE):

put the new font files in (i’m using Calibri as an example):

Then edit the following file: modules/AOS_PDF_Templates/PDF_Lib/config_fonts.php

You need to add the new font into the fontdata array:

$this->fontdata = array(
“calibri” => array(
‘R’ => “Calibri.ttf”,
‘I’ => “Calibri.ttf”,

I was able to use this font on the PDF Templates export. You wont see it selectable in the dropdown as an available font, or neither in the HTML preview, but i was able to call the font directly in the HTML code, like: style=‘font:face: Calibri;’

The PDF output interprets the style.
Hopefully it will work for you too.



Thank you for your input.

Made the changes as you mention but didnt work, in the html code i can see the font i want is in use as below:

<span style="font-size: small; <p>When i do a quote to email everything works fine, but the generated file from Print Quote to PDF or send PDF to email will show regular font (Arial i think).</p> <p>Cheers<br> MrC</p>

Try putting the name of the font between single quotes. It doesn’t work for me if otherwise

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